I published Elizabeth's Diaries thirteen years after I first sat down with the opening line in my head. The story changed significantly over the years as I learned more about writing, attended courses, and became an avid reader. From the outset my preferred genre was historic fiction and non-fiction which is what I love to write. 

I received such wonderful supportive comments from my readers after I published Elizabeth's Diaries that it spurred me on to write another book, hence Brigit was born.

Once I published Brigit I hadn't thought much about writing another book until a visit to a High Country Station in NZ in 2017 inspired Isolation. I was stirred by a true story which happened there in the mid 1800's so I began researching that era and finding out more about the Colonials who ventured here from Europe during that period. 

I so enjoyed the research and the challenge that I wrote a fourth novel entitled, Nellie. This one is set initially in England and moves to Dunedin NZ. After a massive rewrite I feel Nellie is now almost ready for publication, it is due out at the end of 2022.

In the meantime I wrote Sounds Bad, which is a complete breakaway from the research and disciplines of historic fiction writing. It took me 10 days to write and I loved it, It's a bit of fun and, what I would describe as, a lazy weekend lighthearted read. 

I have been a Tour Operator and Guide for 15 years and it never occurred to me until recently, that I should write about that. So the series - Tess's Tours - was born. I wanted the stories to be funny but also realistic - to a point. The bones of the stories are a true reflection of a typical Seniors tour but with a bit of - 'this could have happened but it never happened on any of my trips' -elements thrown in. The places are very real and other Tour Operations mentioned are also very real. The characters are a mishmash of the personalities of some of the hundreds of wonderful people I have met on the tours over the years.

I am now retired and living in a small seaside village on the east coast of North Island New Zealand surrounded by family and friends, my little piece of paradise. 

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy my stories.