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Elizabeth and Gordon Tregowarth begin their married life on Duffield Station in Skippers Canyon in 1887. When tragedy strikes, Elizabeth's life spirals into an unimaginable horror. The story then jumps a hundred years to the current owners of Duffield Station and follows their turbulent, traumatic and ever changing life on the high country station.

A chance discovery, by a visitor to the farm, creates a link to the past. This helps to unravel the mystery of the tragedy that Elizabeth and Gordon suffered one hundred years earlier. 


When Brigit, born and raised on a high country sheep station in NZ meets and marries Jax, the son of a cattle station owner in Outback Australia, her strength and tenacity are put to the test. The differences between living in high country NZ and Outback Australia are as diverse as you can get. Brigit proves she is gutsy enough to take on anything, that is until one tragic event brings her to her knees and sends her back to her high country home in NZ.

"Sue Towler, in my opinion, belongs in the elite group of the best of the best "story tellers" in the business. Her character development is incredible, and her story lines are some of the best I have ever read, and conclusions leave her readers feeling full circle complete. Definitely a big thumbs up!" EF, TX USA  


Inspired by a true story and based on fact, ISOLATION tells of newly wed colonists Meghan and James Morley, who travel from England to try their hand at high country sheep farming in NZ. The terrain, while stunning, is harsh and unforgiving, the living conditions tough and challenging. Meghan and James suffer many challenges that will test them to their limits.
Some early NZ settlers succeeded in their endeavors but many others did not survive the first 3 years. 


An all-expenses paid holiday to a remote luxury lodge in NZ's beautiful Marlborough Sounds...What could possibly go wrong...?

The acceptance of an offer 'too good to be true' leaves three young people fighting for survival.
Young Lucy accepts the offer of a 'trip of a lifetime' from James, the man she has drooled over for many months. He never took much notice of her until now, why the sudden change of heart? Has she finally got his attention? The offer is also extended to James's two young male flat mates, friends of Lucy's. She is not sure if she is disappointed they are coming along or relieved to have them there. How will they cope when they are separated and things go horribly wrong?

The tour itinerary, tour operators and the places described in this book are very real, however; the storyline is a fabricated version of events that may or may not have happened during the tour; after all, what happens on tour stays on tour, if you catch my drift. Likewise, the people are a mishmash of the hundreds of wonderful personalities I have met during my 15 years as a tour operator and tour guide. In no way are any of the characters intended to depict anyone living or otherwise.

So jump on board and buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Whenever someone asks me what the most memorable tour was during my 15 years as a tour operator and tour guide, I never hesitate to say - this one - THE FLINDERS AND BIRDSVILLE TOUR. When I look back on it, I often wonder how we got away with it. This is a true story of a group of Kiwi Seniors who travel through Outback Australia. The group survived, sadly the bus did not. novels